Coastal Catering

A delicious departure from routine.

There’s an epicurean buzz around every gourmet affair curated by Coastal Catering by Island Hotel. With a fresh take on local, seasonal cuisine and a masterful catering team who handles every detail from floral arrangements to entertainment, word is quickly spreading about our exceptional style. From the biggest corporate gala to the most intimate dinner parties, you’ll be partnered with the best. To contact Coastal Catering for your next event please contact us at 949-760-4926.




David oversees all culinary operations for Island Hotel and off-premise events with Coastal Catering. With a local, farm-to-fire approach, he’s always driven by fresh flavors. “My cuisine allows the main ingredients to speak for themselves.”
There is simplicity to his dishes, but with globally inspired techniques and products. “I like classic dishes, but give them a California-coastal twist.” Executive Chef at the hotel for several years now, David truly brings a restaurant, foodie-type experience to every catered event.



With more than 20 years of experience, Robbie Glowczwski operates with one goal: setting the standard for outstanding culinary experiences. His intimate knowledge of the local area and trending hot spots for off-site events affords him exclusive access to premier locations—from Newport high-rises to extravagant yachts—for events that rival Orange County’s top restaurants. His passion for food and wine translates into interactive culinary adventures with unique combinations of sights, sounds, entertainment and cuisine to delight all of the senses. The result? Extraordinary service far beyond what guests can imagine.